District Officers


The District Officers of the CME Church welcome you to our website…. Feel free to contact us for any of your needs.

Board of Christian Education Ministry
Mrs. Jane Pettis
Email: harpercounselor@aol.com

Board of Christian Education Ministry
Ms. Sabrina Elam
Email: selam28089@aol.com

Board of Evangelism Ministry
Exhorter Jackie Payton
Email: jckpayton72@gmail.com

CYF Ministry
Mrs. Sherrika Brown

Lay Ministry
Mr. Travis Reid
Email: travisreid34@gmail.com

Ministry to Men
Exhorter Eddie Furse
Email: eddie.furse@yahool.com

Ms. Monica Payton
Email: mlpayton2010@gmail.com

Steward Ministry
Dr. Gwendolyn Rountree
Email: groun1@comcast.net

Sunday School Ministry
Mr. Charles Smith
Email: cfsmith3101@gmail.com

Usher Ministry
Mr. Cliff Terrell
Email: cterrell1958@gmail.com

Women’s Missionary Society
Dr. Frances Sampson
Email: fsampson@comcast.net

Young Adult Ministry
Mrs. Ruth Douglas
Email: ruthdouglas07@att.net